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i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do

Youth (Russian)

After adding more than a hundred posts, I add this new page today. And what better way than to start off with the poem Юность (Youth) by the Russian poet Sergey Esnin (Сергей Еснин) and my translation thereof. Here is:

Мечты и слезы,
Цветы и грезы
Тебе дарю.

От тихой ласки
И нежной сказки
Я весь горю.

А сколько муки
Святые звуки
Наносят мне!

Но силой тертой
Пошлю все к черту.
Иди ко мне.



Dreams and tears,
Flowers and Dreams
I give thee.

From the quiet affection
And gentle tale
I weigh grief.

How much pain
The saintly sounds
bring upon me!

But with the hardened experienced
All went to hell.
Come to me.


Keep it alive, keep it kicking. It’s not about me, not about you. It’s in itself eternal.


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