Letters from Life

i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do



Rabia The most popular and influential female Sufi saint, and still not credited to have vastly influenced the works of Rumi himself, Rabia was born around 717 AD in Mesopotamia (Iraq). In spite of inheriting an impoverished house and a life of exploitation and pain, Rabia inspires us with her life of seeking divine love. “I know about love the way the fields know about light, the way the forest […]

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An Ode to No-thing

An Ode to No-thing It is, as it is not, It is not, while it is. The need is, while it feeds, When it isn’t fed, it isn’t. Invective is the conducive; Oh, nothing does Matter! As it always does. Castles in my memory, Fleeting sands of all. Pain out of pleasure, …pleasure of the vain. Dialectic with contradiction, Unity from opposition, Dialectic is while the Unity is. Dialectics are while […]

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Going gaga

Again a day with them And their wails Weakens me As much as them ails.   But now I am off to dream land And for this time of mine I pray the goodness thine,   Give me love…   Don’t stop me Don’t stop me Don’t protect me From yourself…   Just, give me love   #love  

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Feeling the Love

We definitely put more value to what we don’t have. At least I do. And so Love cannot be enough. Thus here in my moment of solace I reproduce a poem by St. Francis of Assisi (as translated by Daniel Ladinsky):   THE SACRAMENTS I once spoke to my friend, an old squirrel, about the Sacraments- he got so excited and ran into a hollow in his tree and came […]

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The Kiwi sings

You in a foreign land, Playing out, music and paint, Everyday jackpot, our moments in time. You are young, forever five years old, And you care not for the things a lot Innocence beams love, intelligence scares. Smelling the rain, Rush in the train, you have me feel happy again. Always shining, the glory you are, beauty forms a bright star. #MyDearKiwi

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Bitte Wo –

By good chance happen great things…said Confucius. And he also said that we must look at the next step in life and not try to map out the whole 100 yards. Something similar is my coming to know of Gottfried Benn. The 20th century poet from Germany whose somewhat pacifist looking biography on ‘wikipedia’ may inadvertently led the reader to believe that not much to be found in the depths […]

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