Letters from Life

i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do


An Ode to No-thing

An Ode to No-thing It is, as it is not, It is not, while it is. The need is, while it feeds, When it isn’t fed, it isn’t. Invective is the conducive; Oh, nothing does Matter! As it always does. Castles in my memory, Fleeting sands of all. Pain out of pleasure, …pleasure of the vain. Dialectic with contradiction, Unity from opposition, Dialectic is while the Unity is. Dialectics are while […]

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Bye bye 2016

It turned out to be a super 12 months, this 2016. Got to see some beautiful cities Kazan, Ekaterinburg and of course St Petersburg (second time). Visited the Koh Samui island in Thailand and loved the modern yet very loving Thai people. Got to read some lovely books: Hedgehog in the fog, The little Prince, and the three volume autobiography of Aleksey Maximovich Pyeshkoff (aka Maxim Gorky). Still reading Walden […]

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The Kiwi sings

You in a foreign land, Playing out, music and paint, Everyday jackpot, our moments in time. You are young, forever five years old, And you care not for the things a lot Innocence beams love, intelligence scares. Smelling the rain, Rush in the train, you have me feel happy again. Always shining, the glory you are, beauty forms a bright star. #MyDearKiwi

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Pride and Precipice

Type the word ‘Czar’ in Internet search and the second most searched word is ‘czar nicholas II’, the last czar of Imperial Russia. His miscalculations in imperialistic pursuits resulted in huge loss of lives and pride to Russia and thus he had to abdicate and was exiled to Yekaterinburg along with his family. Interesting to know that his mother was Danish and grandparents from German and Danish origins…a fact that […]

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happiness and freedom

Snow to fiery ice,Burning the cold oxygen. Strings of freedom, Sounding a silent rhythm. Strength of the weak,Weakness of the strong Words in my quiet,Answer in your questions,My emotional lawyer, looking in the darkness. Stuffed Ventilation…my favourite space. Patterns of chaos, Coherent incoherence and Bankruptcy in banks,Distant relatives and Foreign friends.Inertia of motion, Commotion promotionArtificial intelligence…Really? Theories of the nihilist, none without him.One with the otherCome togetherHappiness is the harvest […]

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Living on the edge

Yesterday, November 24, 2015, Turkish fighter planes shot down a Russian bomber over the militarised Syrian airspace. Turkey claims the Russian fighter violated its sovereign airspace, while Russian authorities contend that the fighter was within Syrian airspace. Details will follow in the media, but what does it mean for me. Well, not much but also something important. ‘Not much’ as Russia cannot really do much about it except to impose […]

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