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i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do


new ideas etc.

Write what you know

Lately, I completed a course in creative-writing and the first advice to aspirants is ‘Write what you know’. Incredible advice to clear my mental restrictions in finding interesting things to think about. I see that my life is interspersed with moments of such beauty, gloom, joy,vivacity, passion, jealousy that can be more than enough to create works of art. What we need is a writer’s eye. But then it’s as much […]

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Buddhism for High Schoolers

One common situation faced by senior school students is too much download and the stress on their minds to retain such information at least till they reach the exam hall and use it in all possible variations to achieve good marks. To this end we have seen the invention and implementation of a multitude of pedagogical techniques on the brains of the pupils and the success of each method can […]

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The Uncommon school

When Henry David Thoreau was about 30 years old (and this happened CA 1850), he lived a few years in the woods and in his own words: “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not […]

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Pleasure is not happiness

An Ode to the Happy Prince Stop thy craving, constantly continued bereaving engraving thy heart and soul Let thy mind be quite off all spite, enter thyself find thine eye Pleasure art temporal happiness begets divine, Satiated not contented happiness kindles a smile Commoners seek pleasure while happiness abounds around, The King seeks gaiety as frivolity fills his grounds Endly, the happy prince learnt Thou art King of thine own […]

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Yes YOU can

Obama came and now he is leaving. The one comment we hear about his tenure is that he couldn’t deliver much on the idea of “change” he had so vigorously advertised in his campaign. But I do see opportunity to get some real change and this starts with the average American voter accepting the fact that real change needs some real steps. In this case maybe the first step is […]

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Conflict of Interest in the Public Offices

I think (of course I do ;)) freedom is getting redefined to such precision that the ‘project management approach to life’ being dictated to us actually transgresses our liberty, sometimes temporarily and in some other instances for a long time to come. For instance, the corporate governance codes, anti-trust laws, competition protection laws in the macro sense and an individual’s employee agreement in a micro sense both has provisions in […]

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