Letters from Life

i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do


Saudi Arabia: Let’s hear it for them

Dawn to dusk, Dust to Dust, even the finest of them, time will rust. It is 2030 and you are reading this to reminisce about the historical shake up in the ‘desert kingdom’. So how did it happen? How did one of the most richest (in terms on per capita GDP) oil-selling nations of the Middle East which bank rolled their excesses and doled out cheap oil, free education and […]

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A universal cashless system

Right now our primary concern is to get more cash as possible and stack it in our bank accounts (or under the bed if interests rates keeping falling in America and Europe 😉 ) But what if I tell you there is another surprise coming from the ‘great think tank’ comprising of governments of Us and Europe, bankers and other big players?  This new idea will make our bank accounts […]

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My kinda work

Too much trouble ahead cause Citi group’s top economist has predicted a recession for the next two years…. A global slowdown evidenced by the massacre seen in the Chinese markets in last 30 days. And now I am thinking, (of course I think for myself once in a while 😉 ), Where should I work next? What kinda theme should be prevalent in that entity that makes me feel good […]

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All in a day

Today being a Friday, I started my morning with gym. As I walked I realized I need to buy a small towel for myself as it is getting kinda hot these days. So I walked to the girl and asked for the price. She said “Dwadsat” (twenty roubles). Now, it being early morning and my Russian still very elementary I handed her a 500 Ruble note and she asked if […]

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Retiring in Russia

This blog post is on request of a new friend I have met in Omsk, Russia. The good man comes from Morocco and his wife is from Russia. The fellow is at constant odds with the ‘Russian way’ and made a special request to put this idiosyncrasy about ‘Retirement in Russia’ on my blog. So here goes… Like every other country, Russia also has an official age of retirement – […]

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International currency market events

Latest events in currency markets warrant for a look of concern: USD/RUB EUR/RUB USD/INR EUR/INR RUB/INR  2/ Apr/2015  57.62  62.02 2.14 66.89 1.08 16/ Apr/2015 49.76 53.28 62.32 66.74 1.23 Absolute change 7.86 8.74 -0.18 0.15  0.15 % change 14 14 -0.3 0.22   14 Analysis:     Over a 16 day period, USD and EUR have fallen 14% against RUB. USD/INR and EUR/INR have remained within 1% change. INR/RUB has […]

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