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i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do

Ethical Peace

Travelogue – South India in January 2017

January 2017 was the first time in my life I went on a vacation to South India. Before this the most I have managed is till Goa but this time the plan was to explore the real treasures of culture and natural beauty the equatorial region has to offer to a comfort-traveler like me. We started our journey in Delhi and took a flight to Thiruvanantapuram (Trivandrum for English speakers). […]

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Pleasure is not happiness

An Ode to the Happy Prince Stop thy craving, constantly continued bereaving engraving thy heart and soul Let thy mind be quite off all spite, enter thyself find thine eye Pleasure art temporal happiness begets divine, Satiated not contented happiness kindles a smile Commoners seek pleasure while happiness abounds around, The King seeks gaiety as frivolity fills his grounds Endly, the happy prince learnt Thou art King of thine own […]

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Conflict of Interest in the Public Offices

I think (of course I do ;)) freedom is getting redefined to such precision that the ‘project management approach to life’ being dictated to us actually transgresses our liberty, sometimes temporarily and in some other instances for a long time to come. For instance, the corporate governance codes, anti-trust laws, competition protection laws in the macro sense and an individual’s employee agreement in a micro sense both has provisions in […]

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Common heroes are Real

Read this post about a Canadian woman joining Kurdish forces and fighting off ISIS goons in Syria for almost a year now. Salute to the people like her who take matters in their own hands. Also, mentioned in this article is yet another claim that Turkish prez is linked to IS more deeply than we think. Here is the post: Real life hero from us commoners So basically if IS […]

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ISIL – The Rubber dinghy rapids

News travels fast and wide with the global reach of the internet media but some things need clarity. Like what the fuck is wrong with these ISIL monkeys.   It’s simple to understand I you have watched this movie:   Four Lions   And then look at this editorial from an Australian fellow:   Waleed Aly   Basically isil are a bunch of “rubber dingy rapids”.   #peace

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Homeless man

I like watching videos. On YouTube, and other pages…like positive videos. And I watched one this morning. Here it is Dallas Homeless Hero So why am I writing about videos on the internet. Well, if you listen closely to the audio in the one above, it uses the word “homeless” more times than the name of the hero doing the good deed here. Basically, we love to give titles to […]

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