July 09 2013

(updated October 25 2014 and again on November 22 2014 and yet again on February 21 2015 and now again on 18 May 2017)

About me

This blog was started as a personal journal of my thoughts as I go through the days , months and seasons of life. Topics are varied and language is conversational. Now, I see it developing more than just a diary…

In my wakeful hours I am interested in languages (DE, EN, FR, HI RU, SE), meditation and being a ‘comfort-traveler’.  My dream destination is Sweden. Why? Because somehow I have this image of it being the epitome of an egalitarian society.

My money making activities have gotten me an MBA (Ethical Corporate behavior) and jobs in Finance-IT.

The greatest asset I have accumulated through this journey is the patience to understand that people have their reasons to do stuff their way.  And I do find it hard to write more than a few lines about myself  🙂



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