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Buddhism for High Schoolers

One common situation faced by senior school students is too much download and the stress on their minds to retain such information at least till they reach the exam hall and use it in all possible variations to achieve good marks.
To this end we have seen the invention and implementation of a multitude of pedagogical techniques on the brains of the pupils and the success of each method can be separately discussed with multiple consequences achieved, depending upon by whom and where does the evaluation take place.

I share here my experience with exams all through my years of primary to high school and how I now find it related to the Buddhist concept of time and experience.

From the time I reached fifth grade I had developed an acute impatience with the revision of the course books (except stories in the English Literature book). So when exams were approaching I had to, with great regret, somehow revisit the coursework to prepare myself for the systematic evaluation process 🙂 In time I found out two things about myself: I liked to write on paper, yes, the feeling of pencil on paper was my stuff. And while I rewrote the whole text material from past 10 months in the one or two days prior to the exam I could somehow retain most of it and score well in the exams. And thus I followed this technique with much success all through my school. This does not mean that I did not enjoy my learning. This was sort of a practical hack to get the job done, viz, score super dooper marks in the exams. Needless to say I had to tweak this technique for my university studies but that is a discussion for another day.

Now, back to present. While I do advocate some amount of voracious writing to all high schoolers (and not on the final days before exam), I also want to explain how I have come to understand the mechanics of this technique after my studies into the Buddhist way in particular and the spiritual way in general, or vice versa and in no specific order: (because real knowledge does not follow a time / sequence bound path). In the eye of the Buddhist, the past and the future do not exist. It is only the PRESENT that is relevant. Therefore, when you read / write something, I want you to understand that there is no need to worry about retaining it for the future exam. Because it is only the present that matters. I will not expound more on this theory as it needs a description of the simple Buddhist theory that can better be understood by self-exploring rather than by discussion. Or you can just go to the internet.

In conclusion, I would like the high-schooler to start believing himself (not “in himself” as you are not a box inside which you have to look) and be present in the moment you are reading / writing / listening to your coursework. And exams would never be a problem.


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