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Learning Swedish

Lately, I have taken to learning the language of the Sverige ( =Svenska). Absolute pleasure it is as I come to know that:

  • The pronunciation of the words often have little semblance to the written form
  • The verbs don’t have complicated inflexions
  • The language sounds musical due to , often times, more than one stress in a word
  • The articles (definite an indefinite) get merged with the words. So it’s important to learn the grammar here.

Here is something I have managed to get my hands on:

Jag tucker mat (I like food)

Tu läser böcker (you Read Books)

katten älskar mjölk (the Cat loves milk)

Vi älskar Svenska språket (we love the Swedish Language)

But yeah the most effort needed in learning Swedish is getting the pronunciation right. Else one may not sound very meaningful 🙂

#svenska #sverige

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