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Yes YOU can

Obama came and now he is leaving. The one comment we hear about his tenure is that he couldn’t deliver much on the idea of “change” he had so vigorously advertised in his campaign.

But I do see opportunity to get some real change and this starts with the average American voter accepting the fact that real change needs some real steps. In this case maybe the first step is to give a totally scary alternative (Mr.Trump) a chance to play his cards. Because if you vote for Hillary (who is endorsed by the Obama camp) it means you are expecting different results from the same people , ideology and strategic / political think tank. So clear objective thinking tells us that Muslims and Blacks continued to be marginalised and targeted in USA even under Obama regime. Poor people continued to be poor and rich are still making deals everywhere. And on the patriotic front Obama couldn’t start impeaching the Saudis for their support to the act of terrorism in USA.

Thus, if you want real change , try a different sauce rather than using the same oregano concoction and hoping it will taste different this time.

The worst case is Trump fucks it up real bad….and even if this happens it will benefit the average American and the world because it will serve as a new stimuli to fix the problems asap. Americans should stop expecting real help from their politicians without the latter having realized that some crazy reversal of fortunes is possible in this so called ‘land of free and home of the brave’.


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