Bob’s Mob

Once there was Mob,
to which was offered a job.
And there was also one Bob,
who also got a job.

Mob became the System,
Bob became the Cog.
After a certain while
the System needs Rob,
called Bob an old hog.

Bob called the Mob,
(which is now the System).
But the System is organised
and Bob is overpriced.

As Mob is now the System,
and System is the new Mob,
Bob can’t have own new Mob.
Other Mobs are outlawed,
by the Mob which is the System.

Poor with time and out of options,
Bob bought a few of them money options.
But there was a risk,
and Bob was not brisk.
The market fell down,
when Bob was out of town.

No respite there,
Bob went to the Mayor.
The Mayor had some new scheme
and it sounded like a requiem.

Bob went to the hills,
the air fresh and birds flying,
and the water still flowing,
He’s thoughts looked down the City,
its System still bellowing.

Bob waits for answers…
Now at least,
he can wait in peace.

#System #OrganisedMob

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