The Generation Hole

The teacher spoke: “The story is so that Mr. Evil had a beautiful sister Ms. Rose who was married to a nice guy called Mr. Righteous and the prophet told Mr. Evil that the eighth child of this couple will be the death  of Mr.  Evil. ”

So, continued the teacher “Mr. Evil put his sister, Ms. Rose and her man Mr. R. in the prison. After some time they had a child, and Mr. Evil immediately killed him. Then he killed their second born and then the third and so on….”

At this point wisecrack Billy got up and asked the teacher, “Why did Mr. Evil keep Ms. Rose and Mr. R in the same cell in the first place?”

To which, the teacher replied with great awe, “Such is the generation gap, this little boy has found a hole in the causality of one of the most important stories from the Eastern mythology”  And the whole classed clapped at the smart of little Billy.

But why do you (=The Reader of my blog post) thinks Mr. Evil keep his sister and her man in the same prison.

I will try to explain it in one word:  Righteousness.  Because the time when this story was written (or occurred, if you believe) even evil people was more of morals than our present times “good men”. The villain of the story knew his sister’s eighth born is trouble for himself, but he would not have the blame to keep his sister’s conjugal rights on hold for sake of his own a**. This can also be called bravery or doing the right thing. His beef was with the eighth born and not with his sister and/or her husband.

So little Billy can sit down. I know its not his fault. The whole system is down the proverbial drain. Teachers of today, some of them, I wont hire as filing clerks. This is the “generation hole” which is worse than the generation gap I may face with my grandmother sometimes. But she is very cool in a lot of other ways.

Let us hope I can do a good home school for the kids. 🙂




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  1. Finally there someone answers this wisecrack question and so well


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