Choosing my Christmas Tree

Spoilt by choice. This the opinion of many parents of their children. Of the guilt that people of “the-haves” types own most of the time they buy something new or own a new idea of their own life.

After watching a video about the problems that ‘Choice’ has created in our lives, it appears to the viewer that they would be better off with a much reduced number of choices they have in any given situation; and this would make their experience more satisfying (and justifiable…arghh).

Choice … presented as a bad addiction

People today, thus, want the experience of making a choice from the ones available and then the experience of experiencing the fruits of such choice but they also find themselves confused before, during and after making such choices. So the whole process is a torture for an individual.

After some thought on this ever pervasive issue, I think choice is not the real issue here. Because making choices from the myriad available to us in life is an important part of every individual’s journey and this makes us all ‘the individual’ that we all want us to be.

The real problem we face is with the ‘Subset of choices’ we are offered / suggested / impressed upon / promoted by the fabric of society we live in. When we are offered a wrong / biased / agenda-based ‘subset of choices’ to choose from, then of course  the many other options that should have been in that basket are left out…either intentionally or because the providers of these options themselves are oblivious to so many of these valid options.

So, the next time I pass by a Christmas gifts shop, my thoughts won’t be riddled with guilt that ‘Oh! have I contributed to the poor house as well before buying gifts for my dear ones?’. But the real question from I to myself would be ‘Well, do I really know this guy Jesus and his friend Santa Claus?’ ‘Well, why don’t I make some change to my routine of the December shopping and maybe not shop at all, cause I usually have all the things that make me comfortable. ‘Well, why don’t I stay at home and drink my wine while thinking about the things that really matter to me?’ ‘Why can’t I have a little oak-bonsi instead of the ubiquitous firs in December?’

So, choice is actually a very good thing. It makes my everyday interesting as I feel, I have to make ‘decisions’…very important ones.   😉


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