Living on the edge

Yesterday, November 24, 2015, Turkish fighter planes shot down a Russian bomber over the militarised Syrian airspace. Turkey claims the Russian fighter violated its sovereign airspace, while Russian authorities contend that the fighter was within Syrian airspace.

Details will follow in the media, but what does it mean for me. Well, not much but also something important.

‘Not much’ as Russia cannot really do much about it except to impose economic and trade restrictions on Turkey….which will hurt Turkey more than Russia.. So, bad call for Turks.

‘Something important’ as this event does add to the already complicated world that I live in. Where does my identity as a peace loving, ‘non-flag furling’, unemotional, practical, non-sympathetic, ‘unapologetic’, cute little 31 year old lovely male fit into this system.

Factually, I have to strive harder each day to keep my faith in my way of life…because with each such new event as I have reported above, there will be greater and greater force upon people like me to ‘pick a side’, ‘pick a purpose’, ‘get a goal in life’…when I very well know that all this ‘convulted patriotism / capitalism / bigotry’ is sustained by, paid for and lived with the continued deceit of all the players involved. There is no solution to these issues because there is no problem in the first place. ‘These people’ invent problems to keep us all confused in the better part of our lives. But as far as I can promise, I will stay away from your problems Mr America, Mr Russia and Mr EU and Mr Middle East and Mr China,etc.

And,thus, I shall live the way my creator wants me to live. Happy, unapologetic, unsympathetic, ‘non-flag furling’, 31 year old, lovely person.


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