The Music Route

Last week I was part of a poem recitation team and we played an old song about the beautiful streets of Omsk. And the real song on YouTube makes me see an apparent connection to the melodies I heard while in Kabul. I will paste links to both here for you to enjoy the similarities in the differences:

Omsk Song

Ahmed Zahir – The legend from Afghanistan

The Afghan song is about being good with people from various places, faiths, etc. The word ‘Jogi’ also translates similar in Hindi. And this post will be incomplete without telling you all that Ahmed Zahir was the Elvis Presley of Afghanistan. Infact  he was much more than the reference I just gave. For he was, and still is, a loved comrade with an awesome attitude to life.

More about him here:  Ahmed Zahir

And, if you know a wee bit about the songs from the Indian subcontinent, you can find that the Afghan melody from this song was used in some Bollywood movie songs as well. Ye, bollywood also gets inspiration from somewhere else 😉

From Russia with love


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