Renewing my expressions

New things, new food, people, places, trades, etc, are the essentials to keep me looking forward for something…new 😉 Nevertheless, certainty is also preferable to me; well at least in certain areas of my life. At a restaurant, I would usually order something I am familiar with; meet people I have a certain comfort with. So it is a healthy balance we all look for in our daily lives- the right mix of the vital spices.

Do I do the same with the language I use? Or, am i very predictable with my expressions. Well… Here is a list of words that we tend to use almost on a daily basis, while talking to others or even when talking in our minds:

Problem, Solution

Not an exhaustive list, but it does represent the issue we are facing.

And there is a very clear possibility that when we (over)use such words to define all the various situations and opportunities that unfold in our ‘life’, we may actually be limiting our own understanding and expression of such events / experiences; more so to the detriment of not living these precious moments in the ‘new-glory’ that they can bestow upon us. We may be, unwittingly, putting ‘the awesome idea’ to death by calling it one of the standard buzzwords that are flooding the market.

Does this make sense? I think it does.

So maybe, next time when there is a new experience, I will take a moment to reflect upon it and call it something new. Just like every baby deserves a name that is not entirely a new word in the dictionary, but that can make her feel special.

The word ‘cliche’ is now a cliche itself.  😉


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