A universal cashless system

Right now our primary concern is to get more cash as possible and stack it in our bank accounts (or under the bed if interests rates keeping falling in America and Europe 😉 )

But what if I tell you there is another surprise coming from the ‘great think tank’ comprising of governments of Us and Europe, bankers and other big players?  This new idea will make our bank accounts less valuable cause it ultimately will try to ‘value’ (read as ‘control’) our every asset in ‘real time’.

In fact, a big consultant from JP Morgan is already on this task. Details here:

Money Week

What this means for an individual:

– zero privacy
– total government control over our assets across international borders
– we don’t actually own anything anymore
– you can only buy what you are allowed to buy
– end of freedom: you are now kids living in a big family and your expenses and income are real time monitored by your big daddy.

Scary, right?  Well all change is scary.

What to do? Spend it before they take it from you. Do what you want to do in your life now. Don’t wait another 10 years for that vacation, study trip, retirement or whatever you want. Now is all we got.


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