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Keeping my data and communication safe

We know there are some naughty people always trying to snoop into other people’s data and communication. As a basic security measure, we can do the following:

  1.  Encrypt your USB drives (aka flash drives) and SD cards. So even if they get lost, your data is safe. Youtube has many videos on how to do it depending on which operating system you have. For Ubuntu users I can share this link:     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4JYkZxnhJw

2.  Learn to encrypt your personal emails. Why? Because emails are scanned at multiple points before they reach your intended recipients. This means your data / communication are not really safe when you send them out on emails. You can start some basics here:   https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/en/

3. Want to take it a notch higher?  Learn security algorithms like Extended Euclidean, IDEA and RSA  security protocols. This is the by far the industry standard in encrypting data and communication and such knowledge will make you safer than 90% of the people out there. Lets say the other 10% are Government people, hackers or poor old IT sec guys 😉

Issued in public interest because sharing is caring.


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