The dilemma of the Japanese women

Talking to my Japanese colleague, he remarked that Japanese women like white European men more than Japanese men. While this was no shock to me after observing similar preference patterns in women in Thailand and Russia, it does not feel totally right to me and in this post I will try to analyse both sides (Asian men vs European men) on a purely materialistic platform.

And by Asian men, I mean men from Japan, India, Thailand and Russia. While European male is a guy from Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia. So now we are clear what I am trying to work here 🙂 We are trying to work out if these Japanese women (and the ones in Russia) are suffering from the development myth.

European Men:
1.Decent physical attributes.

2. At least high school level of education, but that is seriously compromised by the fact that many of them just get ‘pushed’ through high school because the system is ‘no one should be left behind’.
3. Poor financial resources because the cost of living structure and life style in such countries is against working class. Period. You can find thousands of videos about the big fat Indian wedding on Youtube…there is no such thing as the big fat American wedding, because it does not exist.

4. Low or non-existent values of life. In fact, the words ‘european’ and ‘values’ cannot be used in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence.

5. Non-commitment to any cause worthwhile and the life is spent on a fast paced ‘Ferris wheel’ with not much to show except travel photos from half of the world. But even the photos are boring because not many of these guys go to the ‘real places’ where life challenges you at every step.

Asian Men:
1. Decent physical attributes.

2. Better and higher education than most Europeans because the society is very competitive. You have to fight to survive. No social security. Each guy is like a real life Rocky. (damn i love writing this post)
3. Sufficient financial resources to cover their lifestyle. Even during the financial crisis there was less social stress in Asian men than their European counterparts.

4. Strong values and moral codes in life.

So their we have it, a simple monetary analysis for the women in Japan to read about where they should place their bets.

As a recent example, I met this European colleague in Russia few months back and he was once asked by his internet provider to buy a wireless router. This guy freaked out when I told him the router should be around USD 20. And even though I have seen misery in Europeans before, even I was shocked considering how this guy is always selling his European residency in Russia as a way to lure women. A BIG wtf right? Yes. That’s why in India we say “दिकहावे पर ना जाओ, अपनी अकल लगाओ।” (don’t go by the show, use your own brain).

And yes if you ladies really want money, then find a rich Arab guy. These boys are loaded with cash, if that’s the deciding factor 😉

PS: I do exclude Chinese, Vietnamese, and men from other Asian countries in this analysis as I dont have much knowledge about these fellows or they are better left out from this debate. Sorry fellows, your time will come 😦  Well,hopefully before we run out of time in this world. लोल = lol = life is what you make out of it

PPS: I am not saying all European men are “not-worth-it”. Just that you should give the Asian guys the respect they deserve

PPPS: But then it is your life 🙂

#loveJapan  #respectJapanese

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