And he smiled at me…

Russian people don’t smile at strangers and considering the tough lives they live,  made more so by the weather here, I can understand this. What does hurt me though is that even the little people (read = kids) also don’t smile back.

But the best is usually given to the most deserving, and today once again this was proven to me when I met this 3 year old at this Italian restaurant. This family of four sat next to us and it has this five year old girl and her little brother, both wearing spectacles. Glasses at such an early age do depress me but this boy was even cuter in them. He starts off with his coloring assignment while his sister is discussing the order with the parents.

Suddenly I found myself so much into this boy that I left what I was doing on my tablet and was observing every little act of this wonderful creation. And then he finally noticed me looking at him…and he smiled back at me. Such cheer in his smile that can make a cloudy noon give a silver lining out of nowhere. And I kept smiling while he went about his works.

I do have a joke about why Russians are angry all the time. Well, it is because they are angry with themselves. So each morning when people usually look at the mirror and try to smile, a Russian usually frowns at himself. Bad joke I know when I write it..but it still gives me giggles when I play this scene in my mind.



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