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What I see when I see what I saw earlier

There are more than a dozen movies that I have watched more than twice. And the more action oriented fast moving ones have made me often think about the scenes I miss out even when I know they are coming next. It usually is a ‘scene’ of say 3 to 9 frames but because it felt important to me when I saw the movie earlier, I want to see it again when I m watching the same movie. But, alas, I missed it again.

Why does this happen? A little more insight into the FPS (frame pet second) concept of film making and our eye-brain interface makes it easier to understand and accept that our senses are so very weak at times that we can’t even see which is right in front of us…and which we already know is coming along.

A possible long term fix is mediation as it quietens the mind and improves comprehension of external stimuli.


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