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Technology and a childish excitement

This morning I woke up 3:30 and opened laptop to watch a movie. I see the laptop screen is 20℅ damaged and when I pressed the damaged area the “infection” spread across the whole screen an now I can’t use the laptop at all because the screen is 100℅ ‘kaput’.

I spend the next one hour trying to figure a fix for the screen (actually expensive and tacky option) and other options.

The other option is more interesting as it means hooking up an external display to my laptop. As this is my first chance to do something with my own laptop I also had to figure out how to do it on Linux system because that’s what my laptop has. Also need to get my head around ideas of HDMI / DVI , drivers (yikes), portability, power sources, be screen vs new laptop option, and of course aesthetics.

And now that I have some knowledge of how to proceed in this uncharted territory I can’t wait to go to the shop and see what is actually available on market cause internet buying in Russia is not easy for me.

Meanwhile it is important for me to notice that I feel a weird excitement with this situation. This is so unexpected as I have to actually spend time and money to get my laptop working again and this incident of my laptop LCD failure is not the thing someone would expect first thing in the morning. Am I getting aroused by the wrong things?….ye right? Or maybe I am getting more inclusively involved with technology. At least it is better than no thrill I guess :). Or maybe this is an example of the classic ‘Freud symptoms’ of finding excitement with new ventures even when they are a little painful.


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