Letters from Life

i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do


There are nights when I wake up, and in comes the thought “Why”. No, it is not a why question, but only a thought in the form of this emotion that brings out the word ” why” in my mind and through my lips. No, I don’t have any life bothering issues or other major things to do. Life is actually just passing by very lazily for me. It is maybe a sign of the awesome mindset that I have developed so long now…..which is happy enough to live with the fact that I don’t need to find answers to all questions of this life. In fact it is now happy to not even raise many questions now. It just , maybe , likes the hope that comes with this word….and so in the middle of the night it calls out “why”…. and then I happily go back to sleep. PS: don’t ask me ‘why I wrote this post?’ That is kinda the magic of this one. 😉 #why

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