Letters from Life

i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do


My old man once said “A poor man’s banana is better than a rich one’s cherries.”

Walking home I saw a little shop in the subway selling fruits and “why not!” I thought. So I bought a kilo of bananas. Here they are :


So I got five of these in a kilo and as I did not have a bag I was carrying them holding them by the connecting stem.

The street is deserted as people start to settle in their evening sojourns before yet another day of their fast, modern life and I am enjoying my walk home with only 3 souls visible on the street: one man who walked past by me from the left, another one who is walking 30 meters ahead on left again, and then a woman who is walking towards me on my side of the road at about 20 meters and closing. And at about 15 meters I could see her smile and her grin getting bigger and wider as she closes in.I turned around but could not see anyone behind me. She passed by me with an even wider grin and turning her face to the side walk. And of course, the kind man I am, I returned her smile.

But why did she smile? Well, it was the bananas and the way I was carrying them. These days every person not using a car carries a bag with whatever they put in it. But I did not have any, and this made me carry the bananas in a way that is, in a way, not usual for a city dweller….holding them all by the stem.

And then I remembered what my old man said and this made my write this post.

PS: I did add the photo of these bananas to this post, as these are the great bananas who made a woman grin the widest which a city girl usually does not do when she is coming home from in the evening.


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