Self love – playing with lives

“Pity on the man who doesn’t know self love. For all love emanates from oneself.” (Amit Mamgain)

Act One: The meeting

They met at an international trade conference and quickly became good friends…in the sense that this term is used these days. But one was more invested in it for he is a ‘man of hearts’. He loves his life before loving all else and in the present moment this quality makes him better than the popular sufis. The ‘man’ would treat him (his new friend) as one of his own, firm in the belief that what you sow is what you reap even though he had received evidence to the contrary in past.

Act Two: The Disappointment

Our man gradually comes to terms that his friend is really suffering from a deadly disease… one of self hatred. And because of this affliction, the poor man is always talking negations and doubts of humans around them. The ‘friend’ never has gratitude for anything done for him and thinks that all people are selfish for providing him their time, space and other resources. He has no love for himself…for reasons unknown…and he does not value anything this world could provide. In his own admittance, “I don’t believe in love”.
Act Three: The Fallout

But what comes later has ‘The Man’ in rage when he finds his ‘friend’ being overtly clear in being ‘the sham’ he really is. The Man confronts his friend as a final act of making him understand the dilemma. But the friend is beyond cure for he says, ” I am not shy”.  Which our man interprets as , “I am  shameless.”

The conference is over and everybody goes back home. The man with  little more idea of things around him and very sure that such kind of friend he never needs.

The End

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