Saint Petersburg – a week to remember

It is different here. It is real in the problems people face everyday but it is also surreal with its beauty, culture, couture and general friendliness of its citizens.

People have been kind to tell me which street to take; how to use the ATM when my Russian language skills fail; how to find a new hotel when I had a problem at the old one; …..and even why one strip club is better than the others.

I know I can’t live here cuz I prefer a more quieter abode but yes these few days have told me a lot about this beautiful city and why Mowcovites are totally jealous of this place 🙂

“I love you, Peter’s great creation, I love your view of stern and grace, The Neva wave’s regal procession, The grayish granite – her bank’s dress…”(Alexander Pushkin)

I have two more days to fall in love even more with this multi-culti land but I think it’s good to write now when I am totally in the zone.

Here are some pics worth sharing:


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