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Viktor ‘The Goat’ Navorski

My two weeks in Delhi come to an end tonight and as much as I am jumping like a teenage girl, I never expected to come across this movie and watch it till end when I should have been catching a wink:

The Terminal

Except the 7.3 rating, the Imdb link above won’t give much about it.

What I like here is:

*  A story set in a contained space (An Airport) – so the side stories are minimised. And we can concentrate on the main plot.

*  An emotional Russian (Tom Hanks)

*  A neurotic Indian (Kumar Pallana)

*  A fragmented American (Catherine Z-Jones)

*  A less than perfect ending.

*  That I can understand some of the Russian spoken by Viktor ‘The Goat’ Navorski.

PS:  Now, I am still not sleeping (may rue it later) and watching my alter ego in action: Iron Man 3.

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