Moving for Peace

If I were to say this in the style of the (awesome) Liam Neeson from the ‘Taken’ movies:

‘People are stupid. “And I have a very specific set of skills.” Inertia does not bother me and this gives me strength. I am gonna move now and you are not gonna follow me. Because if you do, then “I am gonna find ya, and then I am gonna kill ya.” ‘

My reference here is to the tardiness we see in our daily lives where people make ‘make-shift’ arrangements and just hang on situations, processes and the status quo…just because they don’t want to think for a solution and even if you give them one they don’t have the energy to move their butts.

Looking at this video of how corporates in America are playing with health and safety standards that ‘shit’ is raining from the sky on poor people. Yes, you read that right because I wrote that right…’shit is literally raining from the skies onto these people in America.’  But what’s ironic is that the media will not report this to us while at the same time mocking the poor hygiene in Asia…at least shit stays on the ground here.

Enough said, here is the video:

These people also have a website to address such issues and collaborate:

In other interesting affairs of my day, I found this wonderful blog about things I still have to properly understand but some of you (my readers) may find this interesting and so I am sharing it here:

Well, in a way this blog found me, in case you are wondering 😉


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