Throwing coins in the Irtysh River (Omsk)

So I had lots of these coins which won’t be worth more than 300 Roubles I believe. One way would be give them to a poor person and feel good about it. “Oh, I am such a kind person.” Daily Mental masturbation 101. But in reality not much help.

The other more fun way is to throw them all in the river and feel proud about messing with the M1 and M2 money supply and global commodity statistics. But why do that? Well, because I don’t have an answer to the situation when similar amount metal with a Euro or a USD symbol on it it worth more than 50 times when the symbol is a Russia Rouble. And if and when someone does find these coins, it would contribute more pleasure to the world in terms of the positive thoughts about mystery / history / and other b*s* that person might think about the coins.

And I did it today, as tomorrow I go on a 2 week vacation to India 😉

Here are some pics and a video of the event:

IMG_20150706_132826 IMG_20150706_132820 IMG_20150706_132808 IMG_20150706_132803 IMG_20150706_132744

PS:  I love Russia

Categories: money, Philosophy


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