The Metal girl

I like music. What kind? I dont know because I am not sure about the {types} beyond what a layman knows. Till about three weeks ago if you’d asked me about metal-music, I would have shunned it as something popular among the crazy fellows. A violent and aggressive degenerative of our society.

And then I had a chat with the ‘metal-girl’ I met in Omsk (Russia) a few months ago. She shys away from the ‘important’ topics like religion, god and philosophy and appears to be only living in the present. But she also has a very linear way of thinking which presents a clarity of thought to her daily life and other plans. There does not appear (at least on the surface) any baggage on this person. And she does more than her required part of the {social contract} of helping people without recourse to expectations from them.

This had made me (again) evaluate the complicated thought-process that we ‘normal’ people use which makes us over-think all the time. And the more we think, the more we bring upon ourselves the resultant confusion of the so many contradictory positions we think about for every situation. Not being a ‘simpleton’, but may be we could have more balance between the two ways of living our lives. Because we can’t possibly think and play out all the scenarios in any realistic model of our lives for any given moment. So why not just do what we want and leave the game ‘on the table’. Yeah, that sounds pretty right…leaving it on, for the future to play its part as the future.

Soon this girl will be leaving town and we dont expect to see other in the near future but we will take solace in the possibilities that did occur in this case and made us both a little more accepting to our individual circumstances.

About my personal experience while listening to a metal song lately:  I listened with earphones and the time the song played, I could not think of anything else. The song was so much in my ears that my mind was completely occupied by it. And when it finished, I realised I had focused on only one thing for those few minutes – the song. And I did feel quieter and lighter. Almost like a possible new-form of meditation for our teenagers who do not / would not / could not practice meditation as a direct daily experience.

Now I also know a little about the various genres of the metal music: Speed metal, Power metal, Gothic metal, Slow metal, Nu-metal, Industrial, symphonic and a few more. They present a different wave of rush and open a new vast of music we all need to know about.


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