Celebrating the 4th of July

Two of my good friends have birthday on 4th of July. And it’s cool ‘cuz I have only a few of them.

Simplicity presents itself in seemingly simple instances where we might even pass them over for being too simple for our taste. Like me eating Sunflower seeds (Russian = семечки) for the first time in my life and actually enjoying the experience where an expert in this art can enjoy the process of slowly eating each of these little (Lord of the rings reference = ‘my precious’) black seeds which are so bland that they can be definitely called simple.

IMG_20150630_200935 IMG_20150630_200854

In other news, I have (again) come to the realisation that even when I have many facts in my possession, to pass a judgement is to consider only one of the many possibilities this endless universe provides us in a given situation. But then we all need to make a choice and that moment of truth separates our realities from one another. For example, one decision can make you a ‘thinker’ while the other a ‘doer’. Where are you on this continuum?


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