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Take my (right to) breath away

You have the right to remain silent but you also have the duty to speak up. This conflicting but realistic thought came to me this morning while buying some canned food. Yikes, i know. 😉

But really, who makes these rights and wrongs?

Reading this article in The Guardian made me think a little more on this topic:

In summary, after fracking the earth these people are turning to Fracketeering. This is the practice of milking humans from every possible cervix.

Our bodies and the environment around us has everything to sustain itself. We can use the free air, water and sun in most places. But fracketeering could one day sell all the lungs of future human beings on a futures exchange just like they do weather derivatives and crop yields on the mercantile future markets at present.

From the article quoted above:

“Sex, sunshine, sleep, singing. The best things in life are currently free. We’d better make the most of them, because in a frackable future they’ll all be metered and chargeable. Libido International or whoever would be alerted to any sexual activity via, I don’t know, some sort of monitored hormonal “thinkernet” and would shut it down after 60 seconds unless you authorised a debit or had a prepaid sex account.”

This is some scary shit. And if you really read this article from The Guardian you will understand that my language is not as nearly explicit as when they say:

“It’s almost as if the property industry is a pirate economy serviced by unscrupulous thieving bastards drenched in melancholy duty-free fragrances. Let’s face it, estate agents have pretty much perfected the art of taking the piss with a straight face.”

I don’t know if we should speak up more about it though. Because in the current structure this is what keeps the ball rolling. Else, we all fall down.

But as of now reading and writing about it is good fun for you and I. 😛

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