Letters from Life

i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do


I play chess. Not so good but I got a few moves. But until today, I was not sure about some basic rules of this game. Like, how to properly castle the King with a Rook. So we get the idea of how I manage here.

Flashback: Last week while swimming in yet another orgasmic victory of this lovely pastime I was invited to a game by a 20-something Russian bloke and I respectfully obliged, fully aware that Russians take this skill seriously and I may be in for a total loss. And, yes I lost.

Today, while again playing chess with my friends we had the honour of this young Russian man walking up to our game. Conversation started and I came to know he is the one of the former chess champions of our city Omsk. Furthermore, his grandfather is the well known former USSR champion Anatoly Karpov

And hence, the title of this post.


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