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i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do

All in a day

Today being a Friday, I started my morning with gym. As I walked I realized I need to buy a small towel for myself as it is getting kinda hot these days. So I walked to the girl and asked for the price. She said “Dwadsat” (twenty roubles). Now, it being early morning and my Russian still very elementary I handed her a 500 Ruble note and she asked if I had change. So I gave her 2 x 100 rouble notes. To which she asked what the other 100 note for. So I took it back. Now she also gave me 80 roubles as change. And I am thinking “what?, a towel for 20 roubles..almost 0.36 USD.” Now, I do realize that perhaps that girl was mesmerized by my early morning charm and made the mistake. What can I say, I am getting gorgeous as I age 😉 Here is a pic of the towel  for price reference:


Okay, so then at 1100 I proceeded to book tickets for my vacation. And voila, what would have been a USD 700-800 affair, I landed up paying USD 1350. Bad shit happens on the days you least expect. Especially after the awesome towel kill I had this morning.

Went out shopping some summery stuff and my bank card won’t work. “Wtf? Where is this day going.” But the bank told me I have exceeded my daily limit of spending on this card. Everybody has a limit I guess. Even me 😉

Now, back at home, and its only 1600 and I think what more can happen today if I step out again. Or maybe it can happen even when I sit cowardly in side my room for the rest of the day. Whatever, I am sweaty in this stupid windless summer.

with all my love


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