Living with the 1%

We usually talk about the 1% rich, famous, happy, successful people living on this planet and how great it is to be like them. This post, however, is about another aspect of the 1% which is even more thrilling.

Rather than explaining the concept I will document part of a conversation I had with one of my friends who works in the army. As he explained it to me, the motto of his division is to carry out missions which are not favoured by any measure of probability, statistics or logic. Sometimes it is appropriate to call them ‘death missions’ because not just one but the whole unit can be in danger in one such mission. And due to the complexity of such situations the ‘plausible deniability clause’ is very much in force.

But the best part was when my friend said that he will do a mission even if there is only 1% chance of its success. That is the level of passion these guys live with. They never talk about death because in his own words “Let death come to me for appointment”. And, I know he is so busy with his job that he won’t have any dates free in the foreseeable future.

This thought does inspire me to look for the 1% in a situation that I want to work with. And if I see this minute chance, I am gonna place my bets…. all in.  🙂


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