Pragmatist in confusion

Here is a picture showing about 56 Russian Rubles stacked against an equivalent Euro:

Ruble towering over Euro

The banker will say this is perfectly fine and even put transaction charges when you ask for such a conversion for your personal / business needs but the pragmatist has a question.

If both pieces are metals and the metals (as commodities) are priced internationally for trade, then how can you stack such a difference between two items? And I not taking about the complicated competitive advantage, balance of payments, trade agreements, etc, b^**sh*t.

Why can’t we have a common denominator for the same services and commodities?

The answer is simple:  The people who are in charge are greedy and want to create unfair situation for abnormal gains. Markets are imperfect. And innocuous investors and workers burn themselves running after the carrot which turns sour by the time they taste it because there is a new crop being harvested somewhere else.


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