What’s so special about today?

Well “I got green lights all the way” and here is the details:

Ask any astrologer worth her salt, and she will tell you today (May 22, 2015) is one of the most challenging days of this year and we should avoid any form of new initiatons as communications will be lost and other issues come up.

I read about this prognosis 2 weeks ago and was thinking about what to do to test the validity of this claim about today being a very difficult day across the board for all of us (more or less). So this morning I went to the gym and did a little more exercise. Came back and started working on my Russian language course. Good so far. Then after a light breakfast I wrote a blog post which I got the idea only this morning. And voila, I got the most hits and likes on my blog in the next 2 hours than I have ever received in a single day.

Now its early evening, and I am sitting here and writing this ‘thank-you’ sort of gratitude post and thinking how our perceptions can impact our realities so drastically.

PS: I respect the art of astrology but then I have to do what I to do 😉

#gratitude  ♥

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  1. Interesting! & ” how our perceptions can impact our realities so drastically.” yes you got the point..!!Its depends on us that how,when,& where to fool our mind!!Mind is everything


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