Thoughtfully yours

Thought is considered one of the most important levers of existence in metaphysics and philosophy. Metaphysics looks at it as the scientific catalyst which sets in motion a particular set of events that relate harmoniously to the thought. Philosphy regards the thought as the output of a certain deliberation within one’s mind and respects it as being the fruit of creative powers bestowed upon man by the unknown superpower (ye, lets call it that, cause I am really not in the mood right now 😉

What could be more powerful an intoxicant, but the thought, that takes me to a such a high level of engagement with myself and at times with a certain special person?

I carry the thoughts so connected with me without effort. In fact, my face starts to resemble the thoughts I am carrying within. I smile when I have the happy recollections and I look lousy when I selfishly think that there can be no more with them….or maybe there can be only so much more with them.

The learned ones have insisted that I stay away from this ‘deep thought process’ as it is such a drug that can drown days, weeks and months without any realization of the time passing. But then I have to make a deal. And even if it doesn’t fall through, I will be still be engaged to it. I will remain thoughtfully committed.

Thoughtfully yours ♥

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