30 great things about being 30

So I am 30 years old, single and not full-time employed. Holly molly right? Not so bad I say, once I make and read my list of 30 great things about being 30:

To love is to live.
Seems to be going at an optimum pace with the road being of good quality concrete.
It has become clear to me that the physical reality of my life is actually a direct mirror of the inner situation inside me.
I live for life because life once lived does not come back.
The concept of modern life is sooooo fragile and people are running scaredwhile still trying to put on a display of success. It’s not a great fact of being 30 now, but I might laugh it off and die another day. 007 style 😉

I have met some awesome people in the last 30 years.
I know how to judge people fairly and accurately. Well, most times.
I have started to understand the value of people in my life.
Every person brings out a distince flabour in my life. And this is so awesome even though we often share the same features with our friends and aquaintances.
People in my life are finally coming to grips that there could someone as “weird” as me.

Collective knowledge of 3 decades is pretty handy.
I know which knowledge is worth knowing going forward. Separate the essentials from the chaff.
Understand that sharing is the best way to keep growing ourselves in the intellect department.
Knowledge is best to be learnt for the Self by the Self.
After the tenth grade institutionalized-Schools are a waste of resources.

I know what to do and what not to do to be in good health.
Even if I make some transgressions I can get back in health in a quick pace.
Total health is not only the physical body but the inner peace and calm of a person.
I can make my choices without anyone asking me to “eat my salad”.
Good health means I can enjoy even better life.

Being born in the 80s I know how bad it was without technology.
I can still be detached from technology when I need/want to.
I can be friends with both tech-challenged and tech-savvy people.
I already have a domain name with my name so I dont have to spend a gazzillion dollars few years down he line.
Being one of the early tech-dudes I know wherein lies the limits of any new technology and why I should not buy the latest gadzet in the market just yet 😉

Career n Money
I have tried various careers by now and have realized that I am a person who wants to do more than one thing in life.
I am confident to start something totally new and be happy with it.
Money is guaranteed in good stead in so far as I have skills valued in the market.
I have understood money is not the only thing that should / can define my career.
Long term is not 5 years, but maybe 5 months.  😉

And last but certainly the most important, I have finally started to make sense of myself to myself.


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  1. True words buddy…


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