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Retiring in Russia

This blog post is on request of a new friend I have met in Omsk, Russia. The good man comes from Morocco and his wife is from Russia. The fellow is at constant odds with the ‘Russian way’ and made a special request to put this idiosyncrasy about ‘Retirement in Russia’ on my blog. So here goes…

Like every other country, Russia also has an official age of retirement – 60 men and 55 for women. And, just like other places the politicians here are proposing to raise this age limit due to stress on the pension system and declining workforce. No surprise so far 🙂

But, when we look at the ground reality, the de facto is much different from the de jure. Most Russians keep on working till they are dead. Wtf right? Yeah. And more so because the recent financial crisis and collapse of the Russian Rouble has made matters worse. Living on abysmal salary is already difficult for most professionals so retirement is not even an option.

And why did my friend intend me to put this information on my blog. Because, he finds it irritating to see a 90 year old surgeon in a government hospital, who can himself collapse (and never get up) while conducting a surgery. God bless the patients 😉


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