Three Girlfriends

Yesterday, we decided to hit the bar for ‘a beer’ as one of my language schoolmates is leaving for her home (Italy). It was 16.15 and the conversation got into motion as our first glasses became half-empty 😉 and we decided to order one more round as we had time.

The next chance I had to glance at my phone to check the time was 20:34 and we were all so surprised to see that we had sat there and talked for more than four hours. We, the three of us, an Italian woman, a Swiss girl and your humble blogger (an Indian single horn).

And now I realize, the way we talked was nothing like 2 women and a man. But more like three girlfriends or even three boyfriends at sometimes.

Makes me think, what is the essence of a conversation? When does a conversation become more than a ping-pong match of thoughts, and transforms to the sharing of emotions? And most importantly, would you dare to open up so much in front of people who you barely know?

We eventually left the bar at around 22.15  🙂


Categories: #evening, Ideas, love, russia


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