Blood sample in Russia and some small talk

Note: Read this post with a sense of humor. Because it is not what happens to us but how we take it that determines the impact of that event.

I should have written this post back in February 2015 but better late than never. Today. again as my friend came back from the doctor after giving some more blood sample, I thought ye lets do it.

So back in early February this year when we both arrived in Russia from our respective countries we came to the not-so-gratifying news that we again to give blood samples even though we had medical test certificates from our countries. Okey, dont matter so much. But when we experienced the method of taking blood sample being used here we were shocked and pale.

My personal experience:

Went into the ward and the nurse (maybe she was a doctor, i dont know for sure) was kind and started to attach the little “pump device” to my arm. First I thought it was for blood pressure measurement. But then I realized it is a like a suction device that is used to suck blood from your arm. And it makes this pump-like sound ‘choo choo’ when you press it. Next I became pale after a few seconds of suction because the blood sample was bigger than i expected.  Looking at me being pale the nurse and some other nurses in the room made some small talk with me and we all laughed at my lack of even basic Russian comprehension.

Today, my friend tells me he again had to give the ‘pump-blood sample’ because apparently his viral-infection has worsened from the last time. In my opinion though the doctor investigating his case should have known better from the beginning. Life is weird and I don’t like allopathic doctors anyway 😉


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