Me, the Russian police and K9 Greg

So its 12.48 night and what better way to live my life than write another blog post. 😉  But yeah I do enjoy sharing these experiences for the niche citizenry that cares to read my page.

Last week started a somewhat hot spell in Siberia and I decided to spend a noon at the riverside near my residence. So here I am sitting with my ciggarette (yeah I do puff sometimes) and a beer and looking at the sparkling waters in front of me. What more can I ask for…honestly I love the simple things.

(I don’t have the best photos for this story, because I went there to relax and not looking for a blog matter…but life hits at the weird times…so we will do with the some shots I randomly clicked).  Here is the river:

And here is me legs sans shoes:

Ok, now in this peaceful riviera come 2 Russiki boys with bear in their hands and they sit near me on the same old tree that I have made my spot. OK. I am a comrade any day.

After a while, I see five Russian policemen and a dog coming towards us. (Alert: Public drinking is not legal in Russia and depending on the mood of the police the trouble may be a little more than needed.) One of the police is dressed in battle fatigues while the others are usual uniforms and he asks all of us to produce IDs. The two Russian boys said they didn’t have any and stood up almost freaked out. Now here is the conversation between the police and myself:

Me: I am a foreigner and only have a copy of my passport as it is due for visa renewal.
Police: Where are you from?
M: India
P: Please take off your glasses. Why Omsk?  Why not Moscow?
M: Moscow is too much stress for me. (my standard but honest answer)
P: You like Omsk?
M: Неплоха  (Not bad). What is the name of the dog?
P: Greg (and I am thinking, wow a Russian police dog named Greg)
M: Okey, дасведанья. Good Bye.
P: Good Bye.

And the police took the two Russian boys with them. What happened to them? I dont know. But this little event clarified to me beyond doubt that what we read about Russian police in the media is wrong and there are some good police here. Here is the photo of the police leaving with the two boys (long shot because I cannot technically click the police in any country):

police leaving the scene

So there it is, my first interaction with Russian police outside of the airports. And in all honesty not a bad one at all. They were professional yet sensitive. Salut


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