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Meeting new people

At a dinner with a new friend, we got into a conversation about how we attract and meet people who have certain similarities to who we actually are. In a way most people, we get in touch with are like “mirroring ourselves to us”. To which she replied “But isn’t this boring and scary as a closed loop.” As this would mean we never get to really learn the other aspects of life. We are always in a rut…

I thought about this comment and now I write this post to provide a clarification for everyone else out there who may have this question about how things happen to us (in form of people, experiences and everything in between).

1. We tend to attract people and experiences which are in a way similar to us because this is most convenient and safe for us. Imagine if a person likes football and all the people he meets in a year are those who hate football. So this is not good a situation and therefore it is better for him to meet (mostly) people and experiences where football is appreciated, so he can feel pleasant about his choice of football as a good thing.

2. But this football example may sound simplistic when a person is really interested in, say, meeting with people / experiences which are outside of his / her way of things. Well, I can appreciate this ‘want for something new’ but as they say “The thing will appear when you are ready.” So in simple terms we may, at any moment in our life, think with our conscious decision making process that we want and are ready for a certain person / experience but in reality we are not yet fully prepared and that is why we have to wait for such a thing to happen. You can understand this process properly by reading an awesome book by Chris Paley called UNTHINK.


And you can also understand that once you understand how to UNthink you will also understand why it is important to meditate and then make yourself ready for more experiences. And of course, travelling does help 😉


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