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Begging for freedom

My upbringing has made me one of those who would be the last to seek any kind of help from other people. Good or bad, this is me. But since the last 3 years, this one idea has come up again and again to me and I have discussed this with friends and family without much enthusiasm. This evening again I brought it up to two new friends and I am happy that they at least listened to it with interest and did not dismiss it as being outlandish. And that makes me think I can now document it for others as well.

Sufism, Buddhism and Vedic cultures have extolled the importance of the practice of ‘seeking alms’ as a way to build one’s character and understand life from a certain perspective.

How to beg?

You should not force anyone to give something to you. They give it out of their free will. Whatever they want, as much as they want.

Why to beg?

The giver gets the satisfaction of being of use to someone other than their own self. The receiver gets the lesson that life is so much bigger than himself. He is a mere ‘blade of grass’ on this infinite field cultivated again and again by the Super Self.

And both the giver and receiver feel that they are connected in a way they cannot express by words of any mortal language.

When done properly begging is not a act performed by a hopeless loser but by an enlightened being who does not even care about the result of his efforts. And that, my friend, is true freedom.

I know this topic deserves more than the scrabble above but if does motivate someone out there to at least read more on this practice, I would be happy.


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