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i want to do everything i want to do…and i really do

Education has mass produced these idiots….but life goes on

Listening to some Binaural music on my laptop, I am almost in the mood to call it a day when the familiar urge to check LinkedIn takes over and I lend to it.

I see this nice and informative status update where this person is asking people not to fall for scam messages which are asking for applications to jobs in UAE, Australia, etc.

And you only have to see the picture below to understand how these so-called educated idiots use social media:

educated idiots are all around us

It appears they are suffering from a classic case of open-eyed blindness where your eyes only sees what your brain wants to see….jobs, money, and all the coveted stuff. Hope you enjoy reading my comment at the end of this pic.

In India, they have already recognised this social situation and we have an old proverb which can be translated as “there sits an owl on every branch”  (हर शाख पर उल्लू बैठा है।)



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