Update to the “US Dollar Update” I updated on March 07, 2015

Here is the initial post I made:


Basically I postulated in the above link that US Dollar will come to ‘normal rates’ around the last week of March 2015. So what has happened since then.

Well Saudi Arabia has to be the bi@tch and start bombing Yemen and interfering in this country because it wants to suck up to USA and Israel. Isn’t the internal politics of Yemen the matter of Yemeni people. And now, my dear reader the US dollar is crashing like a plane without tail as far as the Russian rouble is concerned:

1 USD = 5700 RUB at end of last week and now it is running at 1 USD = 5100.  So it lost 600 roubles in a week. That is a 10% percent fall. Is this a currency market involving mature economies or some kids monopoly game.

Truth is it is all bank monopoly game. Why? Well, they say that because Saudi needs more oil for the war, they raised the oil prices and so also the Russian Rouble is increasing. Hogwash. Saudi and Russia are producing lower amounts of oil because of a lower global demand and this ‘little war’ started by Saudi cannot logically change the price of oil and currencies so much.

So once again the common man is being cheated by these govenment – banks nexus without any heed for even making a decent lie that the people can live with.


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