Just do it and cashback your life

Nostalgia has hit me while talking with my friend at this late hour and so I will jot this one for posterity.

It was July 2014 and I had just got out of bad relationship – a sucker of a company I worked for. And I started planning to go to Russia and live a long, boring but happy life. Per plan I started to read the language and take classes. Pretty cool.

But then one month out of a job and I feel I need to do something more. Well, what is more? I packed my bags in last August and went to Goa for a week. Not bad. But then the post-holiday remorse set in as soon I landed in Delhi. Sitting at my laptop late evening I started looking at other traveller’s blogs and voila! Thailand. Such a lovely place, I thought. Next moment I found myself booking tickets and hotel. Holy smoke….never do important things after 2200 hours because it is like being sucked into bad clubs 😉

Next morning I woke up with the fear that I will hate myself for booking expensive last minute tickets and hotel…but on the contrary I was feeling all pumped up. Hmm interesting for a man who has taught / helped people how to be smart with their personal and business money.

Evening I was at the airport and then I realised, nobody in India knows I am going to Thailand. Wtf right? I am a truly glo-cal person now. Wow!  So I called my mum and she was happy as ever and ready with last minute mom-speak.

But the best part was when my father called my local number and asked me how are things in Moscow. And I was like “But I am in Thailand.” For better reason, I guess my mother did not relay my exact travel coordinates to my father. That was the moment I realised the true feeling of being in my personal <<Hangover Part 4>>

I had earlier posted some travelogue about my Thailand travels here:


and here


And if you like cashback then check out this British movie by the same name here:


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  1. Nice work bro…happy to know you are doing what you want to do.Most of the people just think what they want to do but you are pursuing your dreams….Live happy live large..


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