Making maths easy…one topic at a time

I love maths. But I don’t like most math teachers because they either don’t know the topic themselves or are not interested in teaching them well.

Here is a youtube channel with some really cool videos on the some hot maths topics:

I enjoyed this channel and hope it can help more people get more clarity on their topics of interest.

PS: The only relation I have with the gentleman making these videos is that I am one of his subscribers. I don’t even know this good man but I appreciate the good he is doing.


Categories: #finance, #maths


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  1. It can’t be helped. Many of the math teachers are not enthusiastic enough. Most of the time, it didn’t evwn have to do with the teacher’s knowledge of math at all. Several Math teachers tend to think that many things that are obvious to them must also be “obviou” enough to the students… but sadly, that’s normally not the casw.


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