The essence of a festival

In many Western countries today people celebrate Easter while in Russia we will observe it on April 12 (Sunday) because that is how the Orthodox do it. Good enough.

Makes me think though: What is the essence of a festival? Why do people celebrate a festival? What are they thinking? And are they thinking the right way when they observe the rituals of their festival?

Before I look into this, a reminder that God observes all his subjects equally. In simple terms, all are equal before God.

Now, let’s say there is this festival I am celebrating to praise the Lord slaying certain unholy people. What most religious factions and their leaders would tell me is that the people in this story were / are bad people and they are totally fcuked as far as their material and spiritual lives are concerned. And the God is going to punish them.

Well, not exactly. Why? Because in the eyes of God everyone is equal and even if someone does something wrong, the God will redeem him. From what I have read, this is confirmed in Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

The idea of God as a bookkeeper of sins and punishing-matron is wrong. My idea of God as a Father would be a handsome guy sipping his cocktail in his hammock and enjoying the show (that’s us playing his play) and stepping in to fix a certain situation so we can cherish Him as our hero.

Moral of the story:  In the end nothing matters. The good, the bad and the ugly all go in the same pile because there is no good, bad and ugly, it is only our disconcerted perception which is marred by our ignorance.


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